Sara Melson

Sara Melson has a unique, distinctive voice that cracks with vulnerability and pierces with strength, echoing blended influences of Cat Power, Mazzy Star, Carole King, Leonard Cohen,, and Patti Smith. She performs and records on piano and guitar, both solo and with band, experimenting live and in the studio with various interpretations of her songs, which have been featured in Huffington Post, American Songwriter, Magnet Magazine, Blackbook, Variety, Yahoo Music, Popmatters, Glide, and on the Apple iTunes homepage. Sara’s recent batch of songs are about lessons learned, the quest for self-acceptance despite the din of doubt and fear, and wondrous gratitude for the magic of the fleeting present in the face of an uncertain future and inevitable mortality, with productions that blur the boundaries between space-folk, dream-pop, indie-rock, and Americana. She has released three full-length albums and her songs have been featured in Grey’s Anatomy, among a multitude of other shows, and as the theme for a national Chevy commercial. She has shared the stage with Moby, Ben Folds, Lissie, Inara George, Julianna Hatfield, and Marc Broussard. A new EP, entitled Wild & Precious Life, is due out July 24, 2020.


Singer-Songwriter Sara Melson

Songs of hope and faith.