Micky Metts

Micky Metts is involved in the “free software for community building” movement and the platform cooperativism movement. She helps Agaric LLC of Boston’s work contribute back to these movements. She also handles some administrative tasks, public outreach, and support as part of the team. She is a worker/owner of Agaric and a member of the “free software for community building” movement, using tools like Drupal, BigBlueButton video chat servers, and GNU/Linux. Micky helps people use free software and the Internet to take control of their online presence and stay safe. She started building vibrant online communities in 1996 by building one of the first and largest role playing HTML chat sites on the Internet and hosting one of the first peer-to-peer text-based hacker chat rooms for people to learn HTML, as well as being a pioneer in online video chat servers and creating an early site like YouTube in 1997.