Lucy Yanow

Lucy Yanow was born into a long line of activists, artists, teachers, yentas, horse thieves, and general rabble rousers. She honors that lineage in the way she approaches her work. She practices as a full spectrum doula. She is an instructor for Cornerstone Doula Trainings who teaches advanced full spectrum doula training which specifically explores the intersections between harm reduction, doula work, and abortion care; as a social work associate in the Women’s Options Clinic at San Francisco General Hospital; a student midwife in a home birth apprenticeship; and is studying midwifery through the National Midwifery Institute. She has been working in reproductive health since 2005.


Hackers in a Post Roe v. Wade World (workshop)

Attendees will learn more about first trimester abortion, strategies to circumvent anti-abortion legislation, and have the opportunity to learn how to construct an improvised manual vacuum aspiration device used for menstrual extraction/menstrual regulation. This non-medical workshop will not teach how to perform abortions, but will focus on the surprisingly simple, inexpensive, and accessible equipment necessary to construct a device capable of terminating an early pregnancy safely, as well as convey the risks involved. Attendees will receive a supply list and step-by-step instructions and diagrams to construct a "Del Em."

This workshop accompanies the talk, "Hackers in a Post Roe v. Wade World."