TProphet has worked for 30 years to make the hacker world more open, more approachable, and more inclusive. Since 1990, he has been a regular writer and columnist for 2600. His "Telecom Informer" column, which is published in every issue, is written in the irreverent persona of a longtime telephone central office employee. Each column explores a different piece of telecommunications technology and explains the inner workings of it.


How Your Mobile Phone Is Tracking You - and How to Fight Back

Most people know that the government can track you via cell site location and e911 data, and that social networks have extensive location tracking capabilities. However, fewer people are familiar with the shadowy world of location tracking via data brokers and apps. Learn how simply giving a business your mobile phone number can be construed as "consenting" to them electronically following you like a creepy stalker, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We'll also go over some creative ways to take back your privacy while still enjoying the convenience of a mobile phone.