John Huntington

John Huntington is a professor of entertainment technology at New York City College of Technology, also known as City Tech, which is part of CUNY (City University of New York). Through his company Zircon Designs, John freelances as an author, entertainment and show control systems consultant, and sound engineer. He is also an award-winning photographer. He studied technical design, production, theatre engineering, and sound at the Yale School of Drama (MFA) and Ithaca College (BFA). He lives in New York City and is a member of Local #1 IATSE. He is also a whitewater and sea kayaker, mountain and road biker, and storm chaser.


Twenty Years of Scary Technology: City Tech's "Gravesend Inn"

City Tech's entertainment technology department has been presenting the "Gravesend Inn," a haunted hotel, for more than 20 years with annual attendance now typically around 6000. The system has evolved from the early days of manually operated systems and a few discrete control elements to a completely networked, modern, themed attraction featuring show systems while also leveraging surveillance technologies. This presentation will detail the history of the attraction and its technology, and offer a virtual behind the scenes technology tour.