Shee Jin

Shee Jin has passion in computer security, electronics, the maker community, and the Internet of Things.. He has work experience from Dell, Apple, AirAsia, and Symantec as a consultant. Jin moved on to help the public create makerspaces and ran a few maker-centric events. IoT and low powered connectivity has always been a personal challenge to create affordable and customized devices to track everyday objects and solve daily problem with AI. Jin currently works with Mereka makerspace as their electronic tech expert and has helped run a few community programs during the COVID-19 crisis to assist the front lines, such as RumahKita (a back-end logistic service for COVID-19) and the Mereka Faceshield and PPE program.


How Asian Makers Unite During COVID-19 (Practices From Japan, Malaysia, and China)

The maker community has always been a supportive and safe harbor when something unexpected happens, like COVID-19. The community in Japan, Malaysia, and China have done many things to unite and stay strong mentally, also creating many projects of social value to give back to the society.

In this session you will hear some interesting projects of social value built by the community; learn about maker culture in Japan, Malaysia, and China; and hear different perspectives about "the new normal" maker lifestyle after COVID-19.