The Doctor

The Doctor is a security practitioner and systems engineer working somewhere on the west coast. When not reading hex dumps, writing agents and bots, or spending time with his family, he spends too much time and money restoring and tinkering with classic 8-bit computers. He occasionally blogs about what he's working on (and sometimes how it nearly blew up in his face). Many of his programming projects recently have been to help people assess the risk of COVID-19 and determine what safety measures to take. A nontrivial fraction of his exocortex is interfaced with the Fediverse.


Saving Hacking From the Zaibatsus: A Memoir

Your data is not theirs to own.

With the advent of centralized social networks in the mid-2000s, all culture became consumed by the giants. Those giants then proceeded to sell your information, your privacy, and even our nations. Yet they still trudge on, much like John Perry Barlow's weary giants of flesh and steel, and we do little to stop them.

Your data is not theirs to own.

Three years ago, The_Gibson began an experiment that would become a community that would engage in projects to save our privacy and change the worlds of at least the members of that community. Now this panel hopes to help you spread that change further. In order to save hacking culture and the Internet, we must build new social networks and services that are federated and decentralized, and self-maintain our data rights.

Your data is not theirs to own.

Decentralized and federated networks are the past from which the public Internet sprung forth. These models have started to become viable again as the social media silos have begun to be seen as dangerous to the daily operation of society, and cloud hosting has become inexpensive. These new communities live somewhere between the BBS age and Web 2.0 - modern, nimble, creative, and largely free of undue outside influence due to advanced moderation capabilities and a hard to exploit distributed data model.

The presentation will tell the story of how this team did it - and how you can do it too.